How to Get Rid of Pet Stains on Your Beautiful Area Rug

Who does not love our pets? We definitely all do. In fact, the American Pet Association estimates that Americans provide homes to more than 130 million animal companions. But with great companionship comes great responsibility and our pets do have a way of leaving their mark on our homes. If you’ve noticed an unwanted “gift” on one of your area rugs, there is no need to worry. You just need to take a deep breath, give your pet a big hug, and then tackle the stain like a pro.

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Color Coordination: Your Rug vs. Your Floor


When you add an area rug to a space, you can completely transform the entire look of it.  The color of your floor and the color of the area rug you will place on it need to work cohesively in order to control the overall focus of the space.  They will either become the primary focal point of the room or they will be understated enough to give the other items in the space a chance to shine. Here is a quick look at how you can choose the right color of the area rug to go with the color of your flooring so that the entire space gets a brand new look. Continue reading “Color Coordination: Your Rug vs. Your Floor”

What is the Best Area Rug for the Kitchen?


Many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether preparing food for our families or entertaining friends. The best area rugs for a kitchen are comfortable to stand on, durable, won’t be easily damaged by moisture, and which are relatively easy to clean. There are a number of natural area rugs made to take the high traffic and spills that one would expect in a kitchen. Seagrass, for example, is particularly suited to a kitchen environment, although there are other materials that can work there as well.

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Living Room Rug Sizes


What Size Rug Is Best for the Living Room?

Choosing the best rug size for your living room doesn’t need to be a challenge once you understand the role that your living room rug serves. Traditionally, an area rug acts as a visual foundation to pull specific furniture pieces together into one cohesive unit. When considering what size rug is right for your living room, you’ll want to take into account the size of the room, the furniture that you’re trying to tie together, and how you’re trying to define different areas in the room. In most cases, the standard living room rug size is 8′ x 10′ or larger, although smaller rugs can work in certain circumstances.

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How To Clean A Wool Rug


Wool rugs are some of the softest and most beautiful area rugs that you can buy, but many people are concerned about how to clean a wool rug properly. Fortunately, wool naturally repels water, allowing you to quickly blot away small spills and minimize stains. To keep your rug clean, avoid tracking dirt on it as much as possible, vacuum regularly but with caution, and treat any messes immediately, before they have a chance to set. You should schedule a professional wool rug cleaning every year or two to return your rugs to their best appearance.

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