How to Shop for Antique Area Rugs

Modern décor is rife with neutral colors, creative layering and boundless symmetry. But there’s still something to be said for classic interior design. If you’re tired of looking at your living room and feeling like you’re in an IKEA showroom, maybe it’s time for a return to form. After all, style isn’t like technology. It doesn’t move forward; it only moves in cycles. With just a few classic area rugs, you can accent your home with a touch of archaic class that just might catch on and become the next big thing.

layeredrugs -a 013014

Bold Colors – Staples of Classic Couture

Whether we’re talking about Persian, Oriental or general antique rugs, you can expect to see plenty of bold colors. Dark reds and browns typically dominate the pattern, with occasional yellows and dark greens thrown in for good measure. If you’re truly going for an antique flair, you’ll want to check your neutral colors at the door and give those gaudy dark shades the VIP treatment.

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Patterns Galore

Colors are easy, but they hardly paint a full picture. After all, if Leonardo had only a pale blue in his pallet, there would be no Mona Lisa. Likewise, there are no solid colors to be found in the realm of antique area rugs. If you want to project that classic Eastern vibe, you need plenty of contrast, and that means multiple colors, dancing off of one another in ways that are almost dizzying. Seek out floral patterns that are as symmetrical as they are chaotic, with standout borders and enough visual stimuli to keep your eyes busy for hours. After all, there is beauty in chaos, and it’s no coincidence that Persian rugs have remained at the forefront of style for centuries.

 layeredrugs -d 013014

Go Natural or Go Home

If you truly want to project a sophisticated sense of antique style, you’re going to want to use the same fibers that craftsman have relied upon for centuries. In the case of archaic area rugs, go with wool. Not only is it the preferred material of weavers throughout the ages, but it’s extremely soft and durable, guaranteed to provide you with years of enjoyment. Natural Area Rugs carries a wide selection of wool area rugs in both modern and antique styles, so if you’re looking for ideas, check out the inventory.

 layeredrugs -c 013014

Get Creative

Finally, don’t be afraid to combine the best of classic and modern sensibilities. For instance, you can offset modern furniture with antique rugs, and you can even contrast the rugs themselves. For instance, you might layer a Persian rug over a modern neutral rug for a unique marriage of styles. Get creative, and let your imagination rule the day.

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