One of the Many Reasons you Can Shop Confidently With Us

Although our store is located in Beverly Hills, we literally serve customers worldwide. Our great prices just naturally make us a “must-check-before-buying-anywhere-else” site.

And because we want our customers, wherever they may be located, to buy with confidence, we offer a service that you won’t find with many other rug stores.

We’ll send you a FREE SAMPLEso that you can see what you are buying before ordering.

Actually, I should say, FREE SAMPLES.


Because we know you may be trying to choose from more than one style, so we’re more than happy to send you two rug swatches and two binding swatches, absolutely free.

And if you want to compare even more samples, we’ll gladly ship you additional samples for only $2.50 each.

At Natural Area Rugs, we want you to buy with confidence, so we do everything we can to make your online shopping experience a pleasure. Take a look at our natural fiber rug offerings right now and ask us to send you sample swatches of your favorites.

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